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Japan Apple Store

Japan Apple Store

I can only speak Japanese, but I often travel to Japan with my hobbies and friends.

If you buy an Apple product, you can always buy Apple Care Plus in Japan.

I am also participating in the boycott campaign related to Japan.

In the meantime, I would like to share my experiences with Apple Care Plus services in Japan.

The places I have experienced are Tokyo - Shibuya, Nagoya - Sakae, Fukuoka - Tenjin.

Shortly after the conclusion, the Tenjin branch is a shithead.

My iPhone 7's LCD screen was so awesome that I was able to hear it when I was planning my trip to Fukuoka.

I: The front glass is broken and I want a ripper.

Employee: I'll give you a quick checkup.

In a few minutes

Staff: The display glass is broken due to the broken glass, and the repair fee is registered as Apple Care Plus.

Me: Do not repairs the part and just accept the full ripper.
Employee: No. Unless the body is very large or damaged.

Me: In the past, SE gave me a choice in Shibuya?
Staff: Would not the body just bend or was it then?

Me: No. The glass only scrapped. And now this is even worse.

Employee: Nowadays, Apple is doing eco (environmental protection), so it is only partial replacement.

Me: No, then I open the door now, and then I throw it on the iPhone, shatter it, and come back and give it a full ripper.

Employee: That ... yes.

Me: (huh ... what does this really mean ...) So you are tax free? I am a traveler.

Employee: No.

Me: No, in Shibuya ... no. Bye Bye

So I came back without getting Ripper and I went to Tokyo a few months later.

In the Shibuya Apple Store

I received a partial repair and I received a full ripper.

A few years ago at Nagoya Sakae,

I was able to jump to the rapid without any other words.

The Apple Store in other countries also told me that occasional alternate dresses are available depending on the staff member.

I can not tell you that Tenjin is all like this, but my experience is like this.

Now I have to go to Hong Kong or Taiwan.

No, it's faster in Korea than Apple Care plus ...

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