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Induction Purchase Review

Induction Purchase Review

I bought the Siemens induction according to the moving date, but it was not delivered for two months.

I'm not sure if it's cheap or not.

I applied for a refund, but it took a few weeks for the refund and I thought it was cancerous.

It was called "xxx" in a site called "xxx"

The amount is much more expensive than Siemens, but the delivery date is also specified because it is in stock.

 I bought it and installed it in almost 5 days.

It sounds a bit rushed, but it's nice to have it installed neatly anyway.

It's been about a week since I used it.

I know that the pot is automatically recognized and the square is bigger and I like it. I have a foreign language manual, and when I asked the customer center, I also sent the Korean manual separately ... Wow ...

The color is gray and it is very nice. ......

Have a good day today

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