I live alone, in athletics, in team sharing Why did Gion 84 cry?

I live alone, in athletics, in team sharing Why did Gion 84 cry?

Today, I live alone, and the last remaining team on the side of the athletic club, I saw a gentleman who was crying (?).

In fact, I tried to write a post about this content, but I have written it on this broadcast.

There are many ways we can team to play games. There is a scissor rock pedestal, there is a way to turn the palm back and forth.

One of them has a team leader who has a way of letting the team leader choose a team member.

I use it more than I thought.

I am going to write about the choices of the choice and the recipients of this choice.

There is a person named A and B, and I think that you are choosing 5 out of 10 people to play soccer.

First, in the first step, A and B each select a target for victory.

Someone who has a talent for sports like football or footwear.

Of the ten people, I will choose the most advantageous person to achieve my goal.

Among the people from 1 to 10, those who are good at exercise think that they are going to be chosen, and those who are not good at exercise want to be self-selected.

In the second stage, you choose a person who is good at exercising or playing games together.

Even if you do not exercise well, you will be able to choose the right person.

The remaining 8 people will either be acquainted or think that they will be selected to some degree of exercise.

In the third stage, the rest of the person is not exercising qualitatively.

The remaining six people will think that they will be selected if they are acquaintances.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are positive steps in drawing people.

In other words, you are thinking about good things and choosing people.

The situation is very different in steps 4 and 5.

Step 4, now there are four people left.

The person choosing is not the person who wants to be with him, but the person who does not want to be like him.

I mean, there are few people I want to be with now, and I choose someone other than the one I do not want to share with.

I hope the remaining 4 people will be selected sooner or later psychologically.

Because the more you do not choose, the more you think about [you hate me, see me as an unnecessary one].

The last five steps, the remaining two people.

Now it really is the worst psychological state.

People who have remained so far are virtually unwilling.

Now, the selection criterion for the remnant is to choose someone else to send the one you do not like most to the other team.

Or if you think it's good, you still get to choose a better person.

In the case of Gion 84, I think there is quite a shock in the last step.

As a matter of fact, there are some interviews with the people who are choosing and those who are choosing each time I share this team in a foreign survival broadcasting and I like the answers.

I have written some of the above.

I have also been the final target of the fifth stage.

I feel really like x.

Publicly they hate me, they make me unnecessary. They reject me. Stress and emotions are shockingly accepted as you think.

The problem is that in this situation, the two remaining people should somehow belong to the team and play with the people who have made a choice, not a good choice.

And as long as you do not leave your company or organization, and you get to share your team in this way the next time, you're in a state of being stressed by itself.

Whether you want to split a team, throw coins or scissors rocks, choose a random choice,

Or maybe I'm not choosing my teammates, I'm using a way to choose a team member from another team, or something fair.

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