High1 Waterworld Water Park Reviews

High1 Waterworld Water Park Reviews


-Comfortable temperature: morning minimum 20 degrees, daytime maximum 27 degrees. I am from Seoul and you will feel really cool wherever you come from all over the country.

-Pleasant water quality and water temperature: The water quality is good without wearing a hat. It doesn't seem to disinfect water, and it's cool enough that everyone feels cool in midsummer. It's not cold at first, nor lukewarm.

-Pleasant slide waiting time: I waited for about 25 minutes for the most popular boomerango slide around 12 o'clock. I didn't hit any of the other slides, but when I look down, I think there's a line at the top of the stairs, so everyone would have been similar.

-Pleasant environment: no one sat on the floor. The security guard prevented me from sitting or lying on the floor. Instead, I provided a lot of resting places such as a paid sunbed, and I ended up taking a break in the parasol and eating coffee in the afternoon and drinking coffee in the afternoon.

-Appropriate safety personnel: The security personnel were conspicuous, and they did not stay where they should be, and they worked hard and shouted to maintain order.

-Powerful wave of the wave pool: 3 meters high wave is delivered to the end of the wave powerfully, so people who can't go deep can enjoy the wave pool. 20 minutes from on time. Waves come out once a minute.

-Rapid flow rate of the lazy river: My son likes lazy river and my wife likes to play lazy because I don't like slides, so I decided to go to the lazy river with a high speed. The flow rate of the lazy river was maintained until the end by force.

Disadvantages and more ..

Long distance from the metropolitan area is a disadvantage. I left for dinner at about 8:00 and arrived in Seoul at 11:30 with oil in the middle. It is difficult to day trips in the metropolitan area. I went to 1 night.

I went in at 10 o'clock (no waiting time), played and washed until 4 o'clock, it was about 5 o'clock, I went to Naver for 39,400 won, and from August 12, it is a little more discounted to 36,400 won.

Meals were 10,000 won or early 10,000 won, 500ml bottled drinks such as cola, 3,500 won, bottled water 1,000 won, corn ice cream was delicious, 3,500 won, josokbokki 5,500 won (expensive but tasty)

Bad bathroom ..

If the water park is well done, there is a place where the bathroom looks good. In particular, the hot spring water park, which runs even in winter, is better. It was good for a person who likes a bathroom but very reasonable for a person who does not like a bathroom. The entrance is different because the shower and bath are clearly distinguished. So people who take showers go directly to the shower booth without seeing the hot water, and the bathroom is much more comfortable and quiet than in peak seasons. There are one hot and cold hot spring, one in a large square shape, so people who like hot water seemed to be good enough, but the existing common baths have cold / hot / hot water in the middle and shower booths and showers on the side. There are three separate parts here, so it's rather tidy, so it's good to be able to wash it out quickly or to wash it all out and go to the bath to relax. The staff who wiped the floor was also working and keeping up the place. Rather, it was a bad thing. When a person entered the toilet, the entrance sensor was activated and turned on and off. This small toilet was not error-prone, and I started to reset it soon. Because of the power structure, when I went in, there was an error, so I watched the work with the lights off.

It's been a while, but before we got married, we went to Ocean World and Caribbean Bay. When we were young, we went to a small water park mainly for indoors. Now we are in the third grade of elementary school, and we go to the big water park several times a year since last year. This time, I'm cold, hungry, sleepy, etc. I've been waiting for 25 minutes, so I can't wait to find a few people.

Ocean World and Caribbean Bay haven't been there in the last 10 years, but before that, it took me more than two hours to wait for a slide in the high season, and it was just a memory of people changing from the dressing room to the entire water park. Phoenix Pyeongchang Blue Canyon, which I went to last month, went to the quasi-peak season, but it was pleasant and okay. Last year, I went to Jeonnam Jungheung Water Rock Water Park during the high season holiday season to go to a very local area, but there are many people there (not as much as Ocean World and Caribbean Bay).

After playing in the water, I went to the nearby High1 Ski Resort Square and rode a gondola that went up to the top. I got a card discount and went up to a little less than 30,000 won for 3 people including a single child, but there was nothing to see. It's cool if it's midday.

▼ Scenery that can be seen while going up the gondola (VIEW)

▼ I had breakfast and walked in the neighborhood, but it was cold at the beginning. This is about 23 degrees

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