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Gyeonggi-do youth welfare point

Gyeonggi-do youth welfare point

Finally, I collected 600,000 welfare points in March and July.

I thought about where to use this 600,000 points, but the vacuum cleaner at home was worn out and I was worried about buying a LG A9 cordless cleaner or buying a robot cleaner.


Gyeonggi-do youth welfare point - 2. Joining the youth mall and using it As I explained in the previous article, I tried to compare several vacuum cleaners to buy online at the online shopping malls such as 11th Avenue and


So, after many troubles, we decided on a robot cleaner and purchased the second generation of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner as a regular release product.


It is more expensive than a straight-line product, but I bought it for 540,000 points because of being an AS, but immediately canceled.


It's the news that the new model is coming out.


The sequel to the second generation of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner is the Robo Rock S6.


The following article explains why the second generation of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner is a Robo Rock S6.



Currently, the only place that sells Welfare points is the 11th Street where RoboLock S6 is sold.

The price is 599,000 won, but the card discount is 7%, so you can buy it at 557,070 won.


But is it impossible to use card discount coupons to purchase as a welfare point?


The correct answer is that you can purchase a discount coupon at a welfare point.



Just like this, you will receive a discount coupon for your card and apply the points to purchase.


You must pay at least 10 won to the credit card company.


You can use welfare points for only 10 won.


Pay only 10 won card, get 7% discount on card, you can buy cheaply.


We can not use welfare points for applying multiple coupon via coupon such as Naver, Danawa, etc. Because there are many products that can be purchased at a higher price than the lowest price, this product is sold only at 11th and Haimart. I was able to use the coupon for the cheapest price so I took advantage of the point.

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