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Galaxy S10 5G DEX

Galaxy S10 5G DEX

The part that changed after purchasing the Galaxy S10 5G was to go to work without a laptop.

All work is done by DEX. The charge is sales, so it is enough to create a quotation and input ERP data and convert data to Excel.

A few days after purchasing the phone, the existing notebook does not have an adapter for the Surface 4 Pro Core M3 and the battery charge becomes impossible.

I thought I was biting on the dex pad, so I was bitten by the USB-C hub, so I used DEX mode for a long time.

There were a few big changes, which led to the continued use of Dex, and nowadays I don't carry my laptop.

Some of the changes that have been a great advantage for me.

First window expansion and control

In case of Note 8, it was not created and it was not full screen so I used an app developed by a personal programmer.

This is not official, but if you activate the function in the lab, it is enough to create and full screen

This enabled me to watch Netflix in full screen, so in my case, it's used several times.

App size is perfect when you open two windows based on 1920 * 1080 screen. When you compose an e-mail while opening and comparing the data on the phone

It's very useful It's great for laptops but it's so comfortable

Second dual screen

When I use the big screen with a 24-inch monitor, keyboard and mouse and move the mouse out of the screen, I can't see it.

It was moving. In the Note 8, the phone screen is turned off and only the monitor screen is available. On the Galaxy S10 5G, the mouse is moved from the monitor to the phone screen.

Moveable screen expansion concept has been introduced. The monitor keeps the ERP and mail apps open, and the phone screen has three apps with the katok screen open.


Third faster speed

No matter how good the function is, if the speed is slow, it is difficult to use.

I feel like I'm using a laptop. I released the Galaxy Tab S6 yesterday, but I think it's almost the same speed as the same AP.

There are other fonts on the screen, but it's a disadvantage for someone and it will be an advantage for someone.

I purchased 512G, but I have plenty of capacity even if I put all the necessary data ㅎㅎㅎ

When you come to the phone when you receive a wireless earphone, when you go to sleep or take the phone off the hub and take out. It's more secure.

It is powered by a phone and the site is basically like an app screen. Chrome has a function that uses the desktop mode.

To the screen.


For reference, Hancom Office is basically provided free of charge in Samsung Store. If you download and use it, it's not a complicated task.

Dex is enough.

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