Gaidemap wireless wipe cleaner

Gaidemap wireless wipe cleaner

I have written a lot of Japanese boxes in the box.
The products sold in the Japanese home shopping were imported from Korea's Kaya Electric Co., Ltd.
The first impression was not very good, leaving the performance of things good and bad.

I opened it and tried to connect it and did not clean it. I plan to do it if the dust builds up in my house.

Product Features

Low noise design
250 revolutions per minute
Large capacity Li-ion battery
Adjustable length for your application
Up to 60 minutes continuous use
1kg light weight

I am advertising, and if the waterbottre pad is watered and rotated, it should not rotate 250 times per minute. I guess I'll have to take a look at it later. I think the battery usage time is up to 60 minutes and I have to check this part because there is a story that it is shorter than I thought when I found the review.

When assembling the first stage 70cm in length
The length of the two-stage assembly is 105cm. If you are a tall man, you may feel shorter than you think.
It's a bit heavy, but it seems to be ok to clean the windows in short time.
The weight of the first stage is 910.6g, and the weight of the second stage is 984.7g.

I attached the wet cloth pad to the water, and turned on the power.

When you clean up, I will add a review.

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