First generation of surface book

First generation of surface book

The laptop you have now

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

I originally had a gaming laptop.

But the gaming laptop is too heavy

Emit a relatively light laptop

I bought a surface book at a used car market.

Overall, the condition is not good

I will write it as a serve anyway and I will not mind much.

I bought the first surface product line.

  1. Appearance

I was expecting a great appearance because of the first surface.

There is a sense of rudeness rather than thought.

Sometimes you get a feeling that you are a little bit closer.

The texture of the magnesium body is not as good as the MacBook

It has a strong taste and tough to touch.

The keyboard feel is pretty good.

  1. Portability

It weighs about 1.5kg and is not very lightweight.

It's just halfway between a MacBook Pro 1.8kg and a MacBook Air 1.3kg.

Weight distribution is on the screen side.

It feels relatively heavy and quite receptive.

Thickness is also felt to be thicker than size and weight.

It seems to be thicker due to the characteristics of the hinge and the device itself.

I do not write only the shortcomings.

Portability is not bad.

At similar sizes, it is a pity.

  1. Performance

I am the first generation of surface books

The 6th generation i5 and the 8 gig ram are ssd128 giga.

There is no external graphics model.

(The external graphics model is a structure with a graphics card in the keyboard area.)

Once out of the MacBook Air's i5-4650u.

The CPU is very light.

Let's look at rough performance.

From Cinebench

290 points for surface book 1

The MacBook Air was 220 points.


If the surface book 1 is 30 frames

MacBook Air came out at about 20 frames.

After all, it's pretty good performance.

Because it is the old generation, the number of cores is small, and there are only four threads

Adhere to the proper work.


The problem is SSD, it can be fast

Reading is faster than sata3 ssd

Comparing with nvme ssd does not come in half.

The writing speed is much worse.

It's different when the bit locker is turned on and off.

It did not get very good just when I turned it off.

I am glad I did not have any inconveniences .....

And although ssd-up is possible

When disassembling, it is necessary to remove the display side and remove it.

It is recommended that you do not do it easily.

  1. Heat

I have heard many stories about fever.

When I turn the cine bench, the temperature goes up to 96 degrees.

However, it is usually up to that extent so it should not be a problem.

The problem is, how quickly do you lower the temperature

I'm lowering the temperature later than the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

That was not a big problem.

I have never exceeded 80 degrees in my normal use.

  1. Features

If it is a feature of a surface book

Also supported by the pen

It is possible to separate.

It can be used like a tablet separately

If you put it upside down, you can use the pen in good condition.

If you write in this area or draw a picture

It seems to be somewhat convenient.

However, most of the battery in the keyboard

The battery is very low when used as a tablet.

And when I separate it, it clicks ..... It keeps getting surprised even though I keep listening .....

  1. Finishing

My main is MacBook Pro anyway

I bought it for use only when there is a part that needs a widow as a sub.

There were not any inconveniences, and there seems to be no future.

But there is a feeling that it is lacking in the main.

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