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First generation airpod

Four months now? And

Satisfaction ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ It is!

Not just a complete Apple user, but only a mobile phone is using an iPhone.

I used iPhone 6 -> 6S -> XR in order ...

First of all, I am a vile!

I have never purchased an earphone separately,

I only used earphones to take off my mobile phone.

I tried not to be so cheap ...

LG Quadbit 3 / iPhone Earphone

Mainly using the air pod

Commute (about 1 hour) / walk (1 ~ 2 hours) / call

I used it


  1. It's too easy to be without lines.

If it's wireless, it runs through the battery and requires charging

It's easy enough to go beyond that.

  1. The sound quality is also satisfactory!

Of course, there are price points, but it is enough to satisfy the price.

  1. Battery usage time

I have not used it for three or four consecutive hours

There was never enough battery in the main body!

There was only one time that the earphone part battery was insufficient.

Very satisfied!

  1. Design Thug

I actually got the convenience, but I think I bought it because of the design.


  1. Price

Honestly, as a person who does not have a copy of the earphone ...

This is a ridiculous price, so Timon or Wimpf first hit the spot on every first-come,

Eventually, 180,000 won? I bought it, but it's expensive.

  1. Charging the battery

It's a good point, but it's a disadvantage if it's a disadvantage.

It is troublesome to think that you need to charge earphones!

(Of course there are more advantages to cover it)

  1. Load

I'm a smoker, so when I go out, my cellphone / purse /

Here is the addition to the airpot, so you have to bag it unconditionally.

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