Falcon rotary hammer drill 800W simple operation

Falcon rotary hammer drill 800W simple operation

  1. Where to buy: Search the cheapest price on the Internet and buy it as early as 80,000 won.
  2. Reviews

(1) Advantages

  • price. I do not think it's necessary to argue with the pseudo-rain if it's such a force at 80,000 won.
  • The contents are substantial. A good configuration that can do just about anything.
  • Powerful. It is enough to pierce the knife block. My work is enough because I can not drill more than 10 times anyway.

(2) Disadvantages

  • It is a little heavy 3.2kg.
  • A feeling that the bag is poor.
  • Durability is not very good. So if you do a few hundred punches a day, you will not be able to dig up a month. Contrary to my case. I should be 10 in a month.

I do not have a lot of work, and I have a hammer drill that is very fragile. I would highly recommend it. Experience has shown that products from 4 to 500 W tend to be quite limited and obscure to work (ambiguous power even when knobbing on the walls of an apartment).

I am also a type of self-confidence that extends beyond skill ...

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