Eating Noodles in Gangneung in Summer ...

Eating Noodles in Gangneung in Summer ...
Hello? ^^

It's been more than two years since I moved to Gangneung after living in Busan.

Busan or Gangneung or mountains and the sea

Today I was free and bored to write.

I live in Busan and have Gangneung.

But it's summer because there's bean noodles

If you are going to Gangneung, I would like to introduce you to three places.

For reference, the picture was taken by myself.

  1. Anmok Sea Restaurant

148, Seongdeok-ro, Gangneung-si


I think it's a place you know if you're a bean soup enthusiast.

It's really delicious.

The middle-aged man who was waiting for him

'The most delicious bean noodles I've ever had since I was born.'

It is delicious enough. Kimchi is also delicious and diced.

Try it

  1. Mirim Hun

421-1, Naegok-dong, Gangneung-si


This is a place selling pine nuts noodles.

I'm suing for pine nuts.

The radish kimchi that comes together is moderately cooked and tastes good together.

And the parking lot is spacious.

The disadvantages are that pine nuts can be felt a bit and it is a little far from Gangneung's representative tourist attractions.

Still, it's close to Gangneung IC and Hanaro Mart is near, so it's good to go on the way to Jangbo.

(For reference, the neighborhood says that meat is delicious in Hanaro Mart next to this place.)

  1. Dano-gil Seolleongtang

11, Namsanchogyo-gil 11beon-gil, Gangneung-si


Yes. Seolleongtang house. Seolleongtang is cheap. Sundae gukbap.

Ah .. Bean Noodles ..

The noodle soup is buckwheat noodles.

So it feels good to digest.

Once you move to Gangneung, the most frequented bean soup collection ..

No weighting, food comes out quickly.

The disadvantage is that parking is not convenient because there is no parking lot.

But I could always park in the alley in front of the restaurant.

I think it's really hard to express the taste in writing.

Especially to express the mysterious taste of bean noodles ... Ah ... it's difficult.

If the reaction is okay, Gangneung's representative champon and makguksu

And I would like to try a coffee shop.

Then let's have a hot summer.

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