Dinosaur Footprints Find Fossils

Dinosaur Footprints Find Fossils


It was June 13, 2017 when there was national election. Hameum, who enjoyed dinosaur mecards in general, wanted to see dinosaur fossils, so he hurried to Goseong in search of fossil dinosaur footprints. This day was the day of the local elections, so I left for Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do immediately after the election with haha.


Goseong Dinosaur Museum, 2 hours 30 minutes from Daegu! It was already a local election day, so I was already crowded with many people. From the entrance of the museum, ah .. This is a dinosaur museum, and welcomed the children with various dinosaur sculptures.


From the entrance of the museum, visitors were welcomed with various sculptures. What is the name of this dinosaur, what are its characteristics, and when did the dinosaur doctors run out? But suddenly haha ​​got into a disagreement with each other. Hamin is a cynic and Hagyeom is ankylosaurus, saying they agree with each other. In fact, I didn't know well at the scene and came home and looked for materials .. Ankylosaurus was right and Psychia was right. The dinosaur sculptures that Hagyeom and Hamin are arguing with each other are young, so no matter what they are looking for.


For your reference, we will replace the data on Cycania and Ankylosaurus with the following text. The source comes from the archaeological dinosaur site.


Saichania was found in southern Mongolia and is the best known of the Ankylosaurus species found in Asia. They have bone clubs at the ends of their tails. The head, neck, back, and forelimbs are arranged with heavy bone needles, and there are needle-shaped needles on a plate of bone.




Ankylosaurus, a dinosaur known as an armor dinosaur, is the largest dinosaur in the Ankylosaurus family. The shape of the skull was close to a triangle and the largest sample found was 64.5 cm long and 74.5 cm wide. The herbivore Ankylosaurus had leaf-shaped teeth suitable for eating plants. The hind legs are longer than the forelimbs and the short four legs had five toes each. The main feature of this dinosaur is its armor. The body was low and flat and the back was covered with cardboard. At the end of the long tail was a thick bump of bone, supposedly used as a club. These tails were a powerful defensive tool capable of breaking predator bones.




It seemed that the debate would not end so quickly that the children were brought into the museum. When we went inside the museum, a raptor, 000 sculptures greeted us from the beginning and as we went down the stairs, a huge dinosaur bone appeared. Ha-gyeom, not only Ha-min, but also the children who came here began to cheer.


From dinosaur birth to extinction, everything was well organized in order. Haha had a meaningful time looking at Chios, who explains extinction more than anything else, looking closely at why dinosaurs became extinct.


The Goseong Dinosaur Museum has a dinosaur cookie making program for children. Of course, it costs extra, but it is a program that can make good memories with children, so it takes some time to make and bake cookies.


The children who came out played a game named after the dinosaurs and began to debate again after solving their dinosaur knowledge. Since there are so many different dinosaur sculptures in the Goseong Dinosaur Museum, this debate should be considered, especially for families with siblings.


There were many different things to do outdoors. As well as the playground, there are places where you can see and touch the dinosaur's real footprints, so it's a good idea to go with the kids for a while. But when you go to the street, it's hard to tell if it's a real dinosaur footprint. I think the person who found this is great.


I traveled with Hamin to see the dinosaur footprints. Hamin wants to see the footprints of the dinosaurs himself. There was quite a distance to the dinosaur footprints and the last step was a little steep, so everyone was careful, but Hamin was busy stepping down without thinking about it.


Soon I arrived where the dinosaur footprints were. However, Hamin, who wanted to see the footprints of the dinosaurs himself, disappeared, and after a while, she started boasting that she would pick up a bunch of seashells and give her to her mother. I wanted to see the footprints of dinosaurs, but I was having a hard time picking up seashells. Eventually, the dinosaur footprints were round, and they went back to the museum.


On the way, Hamin asked.


"How did you feel when you saw the real dinosaur footprint?"

"It was like real!"

"Hamin was so real because you saw it!"

"Of course"


I felt so stupid even though I asked. In the previous drama Dae Jang Geum, I remembered the dialogue that Jang Geum had when he was young.


"I think it's Hongsi because it tastes like Hongsi ..."


"It was really like that !!!

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