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I bought the iPad Pro 3G and needed a charger. I bought the original Apple product

Habits to keep adapters and cables unopened? Something like that.

The third generation of pro is another C type charging system,

I can not use an A-type Apple bundle charger. It was my first C-type recharger, so I needed one.

I've been searching for and searching for ePonion, but the most talked about is CleverTakion.

I bought it because it seemed to be the easiest to search.

I work in the province and occasionally go to the house in Seoul, so I thought the charger would be a little smaller, so I bought it with m model.

There is a CleverTakion 06 model and it is 06m, but the m model has a smaller maximum W. Instead, the 06 model is larger

The 06 model is 78W = 60W + 18W and the 06m model is 63W = 45W + 18W

I mean PD charging is up to 60W and 45W, respectively.

There is a Nintendo switch, but it's 45W is enough.

I just sold the cable together and bought it with 2m.

Cable is fabric? It's made of material and thicker than I thought.

As you can see from this picture, the charging terminal part is thick and wide, so it is not easy to connect with case.

Once the connection is made, click? I'm a little nervous enough to hear the sound.

It looks like it's all in the picture, but it's not in it.

I have to worry about cutting the case.

And go back to the charger.

I like the size so much. I have a hand smaller than a regular adult male.

But he fits in one hand.

I do not know if there is anything smaller than this, but the PD is charged and the type A charge is as much as 18W

This size is quite satisfactory

I have an Apple bundle with a 12-watt charger,

I do not think there's much difference between the two sizes.

When the PD is charging, the green LED turns on

Just plug in the adapter and the blue LED will come in.

I've charged 60% of the remaining Pro 3 generations, but it's going to be very fast up to 100 pros.

I did not have a professional measuring instrument and I did not check the figures, but even if I do not measure it,

Charging is good, so I did not check whether it is bad or not.

The charger does not get hot, and I like it in many ways.

Small size, reasonably PD charging 45W and 18W can be charged at the same time

(I am charging the iPad with the PDA charging 18W and the iPhone 6S charging it.)

I do not know how to connect the various machines all over the profession,

If you have a fast charge and you need to get a charger when you need to go sometimes

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