Connect WF-1000XM3 and AirPods to PC

Connect WF-1000XM3 and AirPods to PC

With a simple use of Sony WF-1000XM3 Bluetooth Earphones
We also ask for other people to check if this happens. (PC connection problem)

I use a typical assembly desktop.
I have purchased and used Bluets Dongle 4.0 for $ 1,000.
A mouse or keyboard is connected and in use.

I tried to connect my Sony WF-1000XM3 to a PC, but it's not working
==> I saw the comment below and learned how to fix it on the link site.

When connecting a desktop to Sony earphones
When you connect your Sony earphones to PC Bluetooth,
There are two items in the sound setting, the headphone and the headphone, but the headphone comes out only when disconnected.
There may or may not be a sound even in headset mode .. This will wear certain clothes (mostly no sound)
The right level meter works well
==> see the comment below
       Originally, WF-1000XM3 Stereo was disabled.
       I activate it and use it well.

Desktop to AirPod Connection
I connected my AirPods to see if something went wrong with my computer.
On the contrary, the connection works very naturally (despite the first connection ...).
AirPods is the default setting for both headphones / headsets and headphones.
AirPods can be freely set for both headphones and headsets

After hours of connectivity, Sony concluded that it wasn't working well with a PC.
I wonder if everyone else is doing this.
==> Resolved by referring to the following comment.

When connecting iPhone, iPad, etc.
I'm not sure if Sony earphones support multi pairing,
Once you register on each device, on your iPhone or iPad
If you click on the list in the Bluetooth category, you will be connected within 2-4 seconds.
It's not too inconvenient when switching devices.
Of course, AirPods connect faster. On the iPhone / iPad, it will be connected in 1 ~ 2 seconds

Once both earphones are worn, they will automatically connect to the last device
If you don't wear it, you'll be disconnected. (Switch to speaker of original device)
It's a different way than with wired earphones.

If you're used to air pods or ear pods,
Apple's on my ear. It's light, but it only takes a little bit to put less strain on your ears.

Sony earphones are Aldan in-ear, so you need to push the earbuds into your ear
There is pressure on the ears.
There is also a burden of weight and a tighter fit in order not to drop because of the weight.
And bigger than you think. Of course, because of the noise canceling function,
Relatively small Apple AirPods are amazing.

Disappointment in Noise Canceling
Since I have no experience in noise canceling, this feature is 1.5 times better than AirPods.
I bought it at a cost, but it wasn't as expected.

I thought the concept of noise was all that I didn't want to hear

I can hear everything around me (testing at home)
Even if you put a so-called ASMR (Rainy Sound) on YouTube, you can hear it all.
Of course, the sound is a little quiet, but I'm blocking my ears with earphones.

If you listen to music anyway, it's going to disappear.
The noise canceling of this product is
When listening to music, it seems to be enough to protect your hearing by reducing the volume.

Other expectations for noise canceling ... substitute hearing aids?
In fact, rather than noise canceling function
The ambient function is further considered. (Transfer function of B & O E8)
While listening to music, you can hear outside sounds with a single touch
Or you can make it possible to hear outside sounds

I hope this function can amplify the external sound a little more ...
My father uses a hearing aid, and when I watch music or video on my cell phone,
It is inconvenient because you have to use earphones and hearing aids alternately.
Of course, there are MFI certified hearing aids, but the prices are ridiculous.

Unlike the B & O E8, you can switch the left and right control switches
Sony is more advantageous because you can hear sound with just one earphone.

This section will explore more and complement the usage.


  1. Of course, it's an AirPod in the iPhone market.
  2. Noise canceling is much lower than expected
  3. Sony's earphones don't work well with desktop PCs. (The air pot is neat and tidy ...)
        ==> It's not neat but it can be solved by registry command. See the comment below
  4. Heavier than the AirPods and burden on the ears. Besides, case is big, too

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