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Chinese Tourist Story -5

Chinese Tourist Story -5
Today I want to write about Sichuan and Chongqing.

Chongqing is a place where I went often because I have a lot of friends.

As the main purpose was not a lot of travel, there were not many tours.

Chongqing is a famous area in China where there are many beautiful women.

The famous Funtimo is from here.


Today, I will continue with Taocheng, which started from the end of Lijiang yesterday.

 Tao Cheng was so remote and beautiful that it was one of the top destinations for Chinese people.

I'm in the airport now, so I don't have to worry about Tibet because of Guji Taocheng.

You can enter the domestic flight right away and enjoy sightseeing. (윽 Wasn't the trip to East Tibet painless fun!)

The scenery is really beautiful and the weather is over 4000 meters above sea level.

Surprisingly, everyone seemed to climb up easily, and I felt that the pressure I felt when I came over from Litang was adapted.

When I came to the bus terminal and looked around, I noticed a little bit of vomiting.

The weather was very bad that day. Furthermore, my brother went with me first (he found out later that he also had altitude sickness)

I went alone, and I also had a little energy.

I knew this as a simple cold and went up ignorantly, so I went up to my altitude sickness.

Even if I went to the bridge, it seemed like I had been dreaming for 4 days.

Already early in the morning, if the weather was due to the weather, donkeys are already in full swing.

(Maybe it's probably a mobile donkey field by now.

At that time, I made friends with a couple and a friend who lived in Shenzhen. My wife was a surgeon and my husband was a freelance programmer.

As I went up, my condition didn't look good. Everything is useless. -ㄱ-;

As a way scene, his friend said, 'If you went up with me, you were dead, your face became pale and your lips became white.'

As I was writing, it was surprising that I felt like I was going to be dead after going from China to China.

Of course, this happened because I was greedy not to see the landscape.

At any rate, the yading comes down to taste this way. ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ I want to go once again in a consolidation.

At that time, I will try to fly the drone.


On the way to Taocheng from Litang, there is a hill with the shape of rabbit, called Rabbit Mountain.

Not a tour bus, the driver will stop and guide you.

As I noticed, I was able to meet the sensible knights.

Litang was in the middle of development when I went to a place called the City of Heaven.

I stayed at the place where I stayed without electricity and water.

Since the facilities are old, there are always problems on rainy days.

(But there was an English staff here.)

I want to be better than a dark, dreamy room.

One of the funniest things about traveling in rural China

For various reasons, power failure and singular frequency occur frequently and are cut off altogether.

If you know that there are just a lot of guests on that day, I often used to be a symposium for a place where I wanted to save money.

I can't say anything because I can't say it. I'm laughing like Hugu.

Sometimes there are some places that hold two or three dumplings.

Returning, Li Tang is the highest city in China (I know -_-;)

It is located higher than Lhasa.

There is not much to see on the northern line of East Tibet, but it is not much to see.

It's a natural place to visit if you cross over the yard by land.

It would be nice to see the funeral ceremony of the Tibetan people called the ceiling.

The ceiling is a funeral custom that sends people back to the sky,

The dead are the way of reincarnation, and the body is the nature. In the end, East Tibet itself

I would have chosen the most ideal way.

In modern times, however, eagles have come more difficult than they think, and they have a lot of funeral funerals.

At that time, the monks said they didn't eat the eagles, so they told me to go far .... (I understand them!)

The internet says it's monthly payments, but you have to be killed no matter what day of the week. It's not a matter of days. LOL


Bondi I stayed here for a day and started right away, but I stayed for four days.

First crossroads area in East Tibet. So there are a lot of lodging places.

The trip to East Tibet is divided into three major roads in Chengdu. In the case of the famous five-member Buddhist school (the world's largest Buddhist village)

After seeing Jiuzhaigou, you have to drive over to break. -_-; (For reference, I should have seen it in 2016.

The next time I went, it was closed after an earthquake, and I heard that 2018 is a delay because of flooding.)

Xinduqiao smells like new buildings.

Our eldest brothers cast a deal to us with that big size, and we were wondering why the customer was us.

I wasn't all big and healthy. The feeling of becoming smaller according to the times. (Driver becomes)

The closest tourist destination to Xinduqiao. Third Party.

If you have time, it's worth a visit. I go uphill all the time, but the road to other construction

I remember how calm it was. If you hadn't posted any pictures on your blog, you'd just remember them!

In this case, thanks to the old diary.

At that time, I was rebuilding the road with bridges over 3000 meters above sea level.

Not long ago, I saw the news that some sections were opened. I don't know how long East Tibet's sentiment will last,

If you want to see what you've seen in the video, I think it's better to go early.

Han Chinese are attacking !? I learned to see that it destroys everything and makes it new. -A-;


Jiuzhaigou has been completely destroyed since the landslide in 2018, and the reconstruction project is started in the third quarter of this year.

Probably won't go back to life.

Here are some idiots who missed the chance to see laziness =. ㅠ

Chengdu is a town full of travel information and daily courses. It's a place where you can enjoy movies of the old capital again.

I was a day trip by schedule, and I visited for other purposes, so I don't have enough sources for tourist destinations.

The only famous Buddha in Russia near the castle is the Great Buddha, but it is worth seeing. (Please take a boat)

If you go down to Lushan, I recommend going to Mount Emi.

I wasn't there at the time, but it's a comfortable walk without walking up to the very top, and when you search the photos, it's an awesome view.


In fact, when I came to the saints,

I ignored it a bit, but it's a horrible city that ranks first in various city rankings.

However, there are a lot of poisonous places in Shanghai.

People who lived in Chengdu are more likely to be included in Chongqing, so I don't know what is correct.

Anyway, this is the home of pandas! (But I never went to see pandas. -_-;)

The former capital of Qing Dynasty, this place is said to be Mufusa, a shrine in honor of the longevity leading the Qing Dynasty.

Ubi ~ Gwanwoo ~ Jang ~~ Bi ~ Zhuge Liang is enshrined. Even the native language.

Even if we die, our Zegal Liang who still supports the cable. ... Three Kingdoms is a national book in Korea!

There is an entry ticket on the wall. Nicely.

If you go backwards, you will find Ubiyo's tomb, but it's not much.

There are quite a few Taoist temples in Chengdu.

Those who were working hard at Taoist temple.

You've been zombie training and have fun taking pictures.

Chengdu's Quanxiang-ji Temple is almost a must visit when it comes to Chengdu, and has been featured on TV before.

Even though I went on a weekday, it was about lunchtime, so it was hard to pass some alleys.

There are quite a few other things but I can't remember them well ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ

(That's why it's hard to remember to travel alone.)


Chongqing was a bad neighborhood that never went to take pictures and was filled with pure selfishness.

The more selfish you were, the more you should have done with the camera.

Chongqing, called Hong Kong of China, has a beautiful night view.

In particular, the night view of the main tourist spot Hongya-dong and the shopping area are enough time to enjoy the day.

Tsuchikou is also a great place to feel another world where the opulent atmosphere of Chongqing is opposite.

It was pretty good place during word of mouth. (The feeling that was not uniform was rather good.)

I've heard that I'm a back-minded saint, and it looks really like the picture. -_-;

That's a bunch of pictures. ....

Chongqing Yuzhong District has many hills. So I recommend you to stay in the south rather than the center.

If you've ever found a little bit about Chongqing,

There is a cable car connecting the area by the river, which is now used for sightseeing and the fares are on the right. You can take a one-way trip.

There are always so many people in the cable car going from the stomach to the Nanan area.

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