Brian Green Series 2: The Structure of the Universe

Brian Green Series 2: The Structure of the Universe

The structure of the Brian Green series 2 Tanin Universe is also enhanced.

The key point of this book is time and space.

To deal with this, quantum mechanics and (special, general) relativity theories have to deal with, so there is some overlap with the first one. However, overlapping parts of some parts are deeper than before. For example, in one of the book's pamphlets, the previous work explains Bell's experiment with no simple explanation, or simply explains the quantum delayed choice experiment that he did not properly cover in his previous work, This thread is illusory, why the same Einstein claim was made, and so on.

In any case, based on the consistent theme of what is the reality of time and space, I explain the important contents of modern physics in a very structured and comprehensive way. (Of course, the content is quite large, so you need to read and organize it twice to see if it really has texture.)


In this process, contemporary cosmology, especially the theory of inflation that supersedes the big bang theory, is (to be sure) explained in great detail, and it is fairly clear that entropy, Hicks particle, Inplaton chapter, Darkmatter and so on, It also shows the best performance that can be expressed in good, plain language.

It may not be easy, but it is frustrating to see Green when he reads other science books that he is so kind and well-mannered that he is "very eager to read many times but has not made progress" or " I do not think so. I think that there is enough reward for the effort.

Of course, one of the reasons why this book is so good is that the translation is very good.

The time and space covered in this book is limited to this world or our world, and in this book, at a glance, the necessity of world theory is mentioned. And the topic is followed in three sections in earnest.

This book is also for those who are interested in modern science.

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