Asrock for Thread Ripper X399 Phantom

Asrock for Thread Ripper X399 Phantom

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In a situation that is getting hot

I am going to try to pick up a little bit of threaded ripper motherboard and open it.

With the remarkable performance of Xen 2 3000 CPU and the increase in the number of cores

Relatively expensive motherboards and threaded Ripper CPU prices

It seems that the position of the thread-ripper sub-line which has become less competitive is considerably narrowed.

In this situation, the relatively low price

Asrock announced at the end of 2018

Write down the receipt / opening date of the 'Asrock X399 Phantom Gaming 6' board for the thread ripper.

In Korea, news was announced at the end of last year and earlier this year,

It seems that it has not been officially released in Korea.

The characteristics of this product generally form an expensive price range

Unlike the X399 motherboard family for threaded rippers

This is a relatively inexpensive (?) Entry-level threaded ripper motherboard with an official consumer price of $ 249.99.

Actual purchase price is 20% discount on specific sellers promoted on eBay

I bought a new price for $ 199.99 on the NewEgg seller at $ 160.02.

The biggest limitation of this motherboard is

It is possible to install only TDP 180W CPU due to the restriction of the main board power.

That is, first-generation thread rippers (1900X, 1920X, 1950X) and

Only 2920X and 2950X of 2nd generation thread rippers are available.

(2970WX and 2990WX with TDP of 250W are not available)

I will try to reduce the introduction, but I will upload the photo with the photograph.

ㅁ Box picture.

  • The box surface material is a glare material that feels a little cheap (?).


  • I do not know if this is a trend of China, but the country of production is Vietnam.
  • Picture of the inside box.

ㅁ It is a box internal component.

  • Two manuals. (Quick Installration Guide, S / W Setup Guide)
  • Installation CD.
  • Other components (back panel, SLI bridge, four screws for M2 slot, back bracket, four SATA 3 cables)

ㅁ It is the whole board appearance.

ㅁ You can see CPU socket and 8 RAM slots.

ㅁ Three 16X PCIe slots and three M2 slots.

  • M2 slot is shared between NVMe and SATA3.
  • It is an M2 slot that can be equipped with WiFi or Bluetooth card.

ㅁ Back panel.

  • In addition to the USB 3.0 port, two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports are standard. (Type-A, Type-C)
  • LAN ports are also provided with 2.5Gb and 1Gb dual LAN ports.

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