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2019 Dunn Carnival High Limousine 9 seater

2019 Dunn Carnival High Limousine 9 seater

I am going to take a weekly commute, a weekend drive, and a short trip to the market.

You've seen a lot of exteriors,

I want to focus on interior and convenience.

It will be posted in three parts as follows.

  1. Hardware Shape / Configuration
  2. Utilize the central monitor
  3. Remodeling and additional vehicle supplies / overall feeling

So let's get started.

  1. Hardware Shape / Configuration
  2. Two-row side door automatic sliding door

It is one of the reasons to choose a carnival.

This automatic door control is also well distributed as shown below.

  • Controlled by the ceiling button in the driver's seat
  • Control with smart key
  • Control by internal / external button

It is not easy to open and close automatically by simply tapping the button lightly.

In addition, the sliding door is very easy to get on and off because there is little space restriction when opening and closing the door.

Additional handle makes it easy to get on and off.

This is not merely a merit but a disadvantage.

  1. Large and versatile storage space

The storage space is important because there are many small items when the number of people on board is large.

The Carnival has a lot of storage space and is bigger than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd row seats.

One row storage space

  • Upper / lower passenger compartment dashboard storage space 2
  • Upper / lower / lower spaces on the driver's and passenger's door
  • Center console is wide and 1.5L deep enough to enter the bottled water / tray (sunglasses storage)
  • Wireless cell phone charging space
  • Car keys or simple belongings space
  • Cold / hot function cup holder X2

Two storage compartments

  • Long space in side gate
  • Cold / hot cup holder on console box X2
  • console drawer at the bottom of the box

3 rows of storage compartments

  • Two cup holders on each side
  • Can hold items such as cell phone / wallet by drilling in the middle of cup holder

Here, I will tell you in the supplementary description

  • Additional tray in one row console box
  • Two back pocket storage pockets

To add more storage space.

There is plenty of storage space enough.

  1. Various charging / power ports

Everyone has one or more electronic devices these days.

So, while you're on the move, charging is almost necessary,

I have a lot of charging ports.

Column 1

  • 1 USB center fascia
  • Center Fesia cell phone wireless charging
  • 1 USB in console box
  • One 12V in console box

Column 2

  • Two USB ports behind console box
  • One 220V outlet behind the console box

Column 3

  • 1 USB (right)
  • One trunk 12 V

Distributed ports and proper location have resulted in very small lines.

What's more, a 220V outlet is more useful than you might think.

  1. High ceiling / lighting / air conditioner

The high limousine has a high ceiling so that the child can stand upright in the car as needed

When you get on and off or move your seats, your waist bending is significantly reduced.

Even when you are seated, you have plenty of head space,

You can easily manage center / side lighting with 2 row right seat controller.

  • Center lighting is very big and bright, 3 levels of brightness can be adjusted
  • Side lighting is silvered like mood and adjustable brightness in three steps
  • 2 rows and 3 columns Individual lights projecting to the left and right of the seat in a touch manner

The 2 row / 3 row air conditioner tanks are located on the ceiling of each seat, so it will cool quickly when you use it.

I think it is a good place to change the car temperature quickly.

You can also control the temperature or the direction of the wind separately by the control at the top right of the two columns.

  1. 2-column center 21-inch monitor

It's one of the hallmarks of a high limousine.

When a child is busy in the car or when a passenger is bored for long distance driving

I watched the video on the iPad or cell phone.

One of these features was to get rid of a lot of collateral equipment (cradle cables, etc.) in the car.

DMB / mobile phone wireless mirroring / HDMI port / remote control only.

This section will be covered separately in Part 2.

  1. Wide, raised trunk

It is vast.

3 When folding or pushing forward, there is no object in the family when going out.

In addition, folding stroller high in height and can be worn without separation.

Now it's time for a hot day and you do not have to fold / stretch your stroller ~ (black)

The smart motorized tailgate function allows you to hold the keychain and approach the trunk. The trunk door opens with a three second warning sound.

(It will not open if you leave your place before 3 seconds.)

It is good to be a trunk door in the driver's seat.

You can adjust the opening angle of the door by setting.

The second trunk picture above is a picture taken to attach a 3 row seat bracket.

Bracket was installed again after installation ~


  • Ventilation sheet: Best in summer !!
  • Cold cup holder: There is no dramatic temperature change. It will be enough to keep the temperature.
  • Curtains: The curtain performance is good and it is quite good when it is covered.


There is a back light ~

The added premium pack configuration is shown below.

  • Continental tires: Good tires?
  • Stainless Door Scuff (1 column): Anything but mana ..
  • Premium leather seat (NAPPA): This is good ~ ^^
  • KRELL premium sound (8 speakers, external amplifier): I had twelve speakers in my Meridian.
  • Super Vision Clusters (7 inch color TFT-LCD): Color is good ~ ^^

Overall, I was satisfied with the convenience compared to the previous car.

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