Asalam Aliekum Steemers || Abbottabadio Attention!!!

Salam everyone. Hope you'll are fine and healthy.
Today I've come here to gather the people for New Community for Pakistanis specially people from Abbottabad you'll are welcome to Steemit Abbottabad, link is given below


We're trying build strong community with strong people to support the community specially new comers as it is getting hard for them to show up on list. I, on behalf of Steemit Abbottabad, request Steemit Pakistan to support us as we're united under one flag 🇵🇰 and trying to build, learn and earn thought this great platform i.e. STEEMIT
I hope @curator01 @curator02 will also support the new content creators.
JazakAllah and take care.

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17.09.2021 19:39

Nice content bro.

18.09.2021 05:13

What should I say brother, let me learn some Poetry!

18.09.2021 05:31