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#betterlife THE DAIRY GAME || 05-01-2021|| COMPANY ANNIVERSARY

What's up guys .

I hope that all of you are in good health and wishes you the best.
This is my first participation in the dairy game in STEEMIT PAKISTAN community.
so, I start my day ,

I got up early in the morning as usual and take a little breakfast.
Then, I have to attend a party arranged by company's owner in the regard of Company's Anniversary and as well as the Birthday Party of the owner.
So , I took a little time to getting ready for it and then set out on journey to Lahore.

This is the picture when I reached the site of party DHM Marky located at the west of Lahore.
There were much arrangements for party and at last the party starts at 2'O clock.


All of my team mates were also present there to enjoy this party.
There are some pictures of the party.

Our honorable owner also distributed some prizes the well workers of our community.


It was also raining heavily outside and the weather was just so amazing .
Whole of the day was so rainy day that nothing got escape from the raining water.


And at the end of the party I take meal with my all team mates .

That's all how I spent my whole day .
I just enjoyed the whole day very much.
The weather was also so amazing whole of the day as It was raining sweetly.

I hope that you will like my this this post .
I desire to get more votes from you and comments on this post .
Specially thanks to all .

Thanks .

Regards: @qamarsudagar

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