Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone .

I hope all of you are in good health and I pray for Allah for all that Allah might bless all of you with good health.

This is my first post in this STEEM CHALLENGE community .

I am harmly excited to enjoy and make fun with this community and all of you. I'll try to provide my best to this community.

Now,I will come towards my today's topic .
I am excited to tell you about a precious achievement of our team .

Our team has completed the annually target set by our company to us . In this regard our team celebrated a little bit .We cut a cake to make our this moment memorable for us .

This meeting was held at our team's head office Hasnain Agro Complex located in Depalpur , Punjab ,Pakistan .
All of our team members attended this meeting .
Our staff head and our company owner also joined us at this great achievement.

Our team has achieved the annually target set by our company .
I am very happy and thankful for my all team mates and our respected staff.
Our team has completed the annually target which was of 100M sale per year .
With the blessing of Almighty Allah we achieved this target and I greatly thanks for Allah for that.

At last I end my 1st post in this community with a hope that all of you will support me .
And I hope that this community will become a precious gift for me.

Please vote me and also show your precious comments below.


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@qamarsudagar welcome to steemit back and again welcome to steem challenge community, and great congratulation on your great achievement that your company got in 2020 that is really great proof of your team effort that you all gained this great goal completed 100M , many many congratulation, so hope you will enjoy your journey to the steemit blockchain, we are happy to receive you here, here i want to say that if you have time, please go to your steemit profile and in setting, then add your profile picture , and also cover file, that will help you to make you more appreciated for other steemians, so in this way you will be able to gain more appreciation,
welcome again to steemit blockchain

02.01.2021 12:17

@yousafharoonkhan thank you a lot foe welcoming me in this community . And I also thanking you for appreciating me and congratulating me .
Thank you for guiding me to improve my profile setting. I will follow all your instructions in a little bit of time .

Again thanking u a lot for your appreciations .And I will try my best to provide better content to this community and steemit.

02.01.2021 12:35
Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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02.01.2021 12:30

Ok brother , Thank u @yousafharoonkhan.

02.01.2021 12:37

dear qamar i want to your profile update in your next post hope you will update your profile with your photo also thank keep continue @qamarsudagar

03.01.2021 04:08