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This is my first dairy game ever . I am very excited to take a part in the dairy game .
It's 03-01-2021,
I woke up early in the morning as I know that today is the KHATAM-E-CHEHLUM the great scholar of Islam , My mean Ameer-ul-mujahideen Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi .

I woke up early as usual and offered my Fajr prayer.
After offering my prayer I recited the Holy Quran a little bit.

After that I took a light breakfast and after that I went out on a journey to Lahore with my some friends and a cousin to attend the KHATAM-E-CHEHLUM of Allama Sahib.

Near 10, we reached the Jameya Mosque Rehmatulil Aalameen , Main Multan Road, Lahore where the Jalsa was to be held.


There was a very huge gathering of people belonging from different areas all over the Pakistan.

Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi was a true scholar, preacher, leader and the founder of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, a hardline politico-religious organization founded in 2015, known to protest against any change to Pakistan's blasphemy law.
At 11'O clock the Khatam Shareef stared with the recitation of Holy Quran .
And after a lined arrange of Zikr-E-Habeeb , his son Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi addressed this huge croud with his precious words .

Everyone present there proclaimed the Official claim of Islam ''Labbaik Ya RasoolAllah''


There was really a very very huge gathering of people to attend this Khatam-e-Pak.
May his soul rest in peace!
May Allah bless him a place in Jannat ul Firdoos.

It was 3 p.m when we get off back to our hometown.
I was soo tired and feeling some doziness. So I decided to take rest .
I slept at 8 p.m .
That's all how I spent my whole day .
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you day was very much beautiful because you attended khatam quran and chelllum of our beloved Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi , he was great motivator, our all nation of pakistan love him very much, thank and keep me remember in your pray

04.01.2021 03:15
04.01.2021 05:52