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#betterlife- THE DAIRY GAME ||18-01-2021|| FAMILY TRIP TO RIVER SIDE......

Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone here reading my this post.Hey, Steem Challenge community.
Hopefully, all of you are enjoying good health and I pray for Allah who is the most merciful and the most beneficent to all for your health and happiness.
I started my day with the sweet name of Allah as usual. Then, went for a morning walk to see the breeze which was a little bit cold outside.

then, after having a breakfast I along with my family started our journey as we have already decided to have a small visit to the Hadd Sulemanki, Located at the edge of River Satluj.



After reaching at the desired place,we felt a little bit hungry. So, we decided to eat fish there as it was also cold so we enjoyed having fried fish.



So,after a short period of waiting, we have this on the table.We enjoyed it together and as u know that fish is a rich source of proteins which is really necessary for proper working of our body and mind.



After eating fish we spend a time at this place of full natural beauty.We refresh our mind in this way.


So, then it was just getting dark and we have the way back to our home.
That's all about my 18-01-2021.I enjoyed the whole day very much with my family and then it's time to go to bed.
I hope that all of you will like my this post.
Warmly thanks to the honorable admin of this community,I mean @yousafharoonkhan for his regular support.

Special mention:@steemcurator01



@booming01 for supporting my posts.

Thanking all.

Regards: @qamarsudagar


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