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#betterlife ||THE DAIRY GAME ||07-01-2021||

Hello everybody reading my this dairy especially to the STEEM CHALLENGE Community.
I hope that all of you are enjoying good health with the grace of Allah Almighty who is merciful for all mankind.

I started my day with Fajr prayer. and recite the Holy Quran as usual.After that I went for a morning walk. The weather was very pleasant and It was just cold outside.


Then , I took a light breakfast because there was a little function in my Brothers House in the regard of Hifaz-e-Quran completion of my nephew.


This is the picture of my Hafiz nephew with my father.

These are two Hafiz-e-Quran , My nephew Hafiz Hamza Dastagir and my son Hafiz Ali Faraz .

After that's all I went to my shop.
After whole day working at my shop , I got tired and come back home .
Then after praying Isha prayer we enjoy pizza with a great delight.


That's all how I spent my whole day.I hope that you will like my this dairy post.
Specially thats to @yousafharoonkhan, the honorable admin of this community.

Thanks all.
Regards: @qamarsudagar

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