#betterlife ||THE DAIRY GAME ||07-01-2021||

Hello everybody reading my this dairy especially to the STEEM CHALLENGE Community.
I hope that all of you are enjoying good health with the grace of Allah Almighty who is merciful for all mankind.

I started my day with Fajr prayer. and recite the Holy Quran as usual.After that I went for a morning walk. The weather was very pleasant and It was just cold outside.


Then , I took a light breakfast because there was a little function in my Brothers House in the regard of Hifaz-e-Quran completion of my nephew.


This is the picture of my Hafiz nephew with my father.

These are two Hafiz-e-Quran , My nephew Hafiz Hamza Dastagir and my son Hafiz Ali Faraz .

After that's all I went to my shop.
After whole day working at my shop , I got tired and come back home .
Then after praying Isha prayer we enjoy pizza with a great delight.


That's all how I spent my whole day.I hope that you will like my this dairy post.
Specially thats to @yousafharoonkhan, the honorable admin of this community.

Thanks all.
Regards: @qamarsudagar

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it is great victory of your family that you have hafiz quran in your family, quran is one of the best holy book , Allah pak ap ki sub family ku as ka azim agar ata kray,,, app kay nephew ku Allhah azat,respect aur victory day har field ma amin, bhut bhut bhut mumbrak hoo as great effort par amin

08.01.2021 04:55

Ameen and thanks brother

08.01.2021 09:45