#betterlife || THE DAIRY GAME 09-01-2021 || VISIT TO FIELD CROPS

Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone . Hey, Steem Challenge community.

I hope all of you are enjoying good health and I pray for Allah who is the most merciful and beneficiant to bless all of you with good health .

I started my day with the Fajr prayer and with the recitation of the Holy Quran.After having a little morning walk ,I took my breakfast and went to the shop .
Today was really a busy day for me because today I visited the field to put a little sight upon the working of my recommended pesticides.

I was really happy to see the result of the pesticide recommended by me which was ( Folio Gold )of synjenta company.
After visited this field ,Another farmer friend called me to visit his fields also because he was worried about his fields.

There were insects which were disturbing the growth of his field crops.
I motivates him and recommended him the powdered form of (Metalexal+Mincozyib) .I hope that this will work properly to kill the insects accordingly .

After that I came back home because it was 5'O clock and evening was happening.

So that's all how I spent my this day.
I hope that you will like my this post.
Specially thanks to @yousafharoonkhan , the admin of this community who always show support for all good contents.

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Thanks all.

Regards: @qamarsudagar

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qamar bhi this day was really very much for you, and you made great decision to safe the crops of farmer, you done great job all the day, and your this post is very much informative also for all agriculture lover thank dear for sharing this informative post with steemians

11.01.2021 03:05

Thanks a lot dear brother @yousafharoonkhan . Thank you a lot for your appreciations.

11.01.2021 15:00