Daily Routine Life..

Assalamualikum! Dear steemit members hope so you all are well and enjoying happy life.
In my daily routine life I start my day performing fajar prayer and reciting Quran.
Secondly I go for morning walk after one hour of walking come back to home for my lovely breakfast.
Break fast is very important for healthy life it upgrade your mind level and the mind works in a good condition it is said that a healthy minds keeps a healthy body.
My breakfast menu is as under..
(1) As you know without tea there is no proper breakfast tea is very important for breakfast..
(2) Tea is taken along with paratha..
(3) Desi Butter is important for health..
(4) last one is jam and milk cream
As these all products are my breakfast menu
After breakfast I go for work to earn money for my family I am an entrepreneur but this small business is not sufficient hardly I meet the needs of my life because of this I joined steemit to earn for family.
Eight hours of continuous work at last come back to home and give some time to my family and friends.

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07.10.2021 20:56