Will you follow womens football now?

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Firstly congratulations to the USA women were the strongest team and deserved to win.
So the question is will i follow womens football?
The honest answer is no.
The only reason i watched it is my love for football, i have been watching football since the late 80s.
Bbc had none stop coverage of it at prime time so there was nothing else on and they understand how big football is and they are trying to cash in.
I would watch Serena Williams playing tennis.
I would watch Ronda Rousey at her prime in the octogon
So its got nothing to do with womens sports, just the standard of football was poor, the fact the commentators at times were laughing and the pundits were trying to make excuses for some appalling football.
There were numberous false throws ins. Passing was shocking at times. It was honestly comical at times. I have watched the WSL here and if you haven't, watch some highlights on youtube then please respond.
They are pushing for higher pay as if thats the answer for England women, how about dont pay them til they win something see if that helps. It wont they are years behind the US and the US are constantly improving.
Once again massive respect to the USA and will tune in, in 4 years time for the next one

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Their sport are not that interesting to follow

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