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This is in response to @jk6276 honest and revieling post about his failures.
I wont talk about my personal ones as it would take more than one post as it involves money drugs sex casinos (a lot of casinos) a business employing 15 people, 2 houses and over a million pounds, but thats a story for another day
This is to do with my father who is an honest hard working old man who worked his whole life to support his wife and kids and did an awsome job too.
As he retired to enjoy the rest of his life surrounded by his kids and grandchildren he recieved a call.
Call came from a company selling shares in something called fb at $5 a share as they were getting listed.
He did some research and decided to take the plunge
He thought it would be a good idea took out 100k mortgage on the house and invested he sat and watched as the price started to sore when it reached $200 a spare he decided to sell when he called the number of his broker they weren't there turned out it was a fake company.
For a man who has worked all his life for every penny i cant describe how he must feel.
That hurts me more than me losing 10x that, as its just wrong to take someone dreams and destroy them

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I 100% agree @qam2112 that is rough to listen to. Devastating losses like that have to be learned from generations around it so it is not repeated. I personally think investing in yourself at what you can do well that leverages your talents and daily ambitions in a way that can be monetized into a decent living or second job in life is a great way to propel yourself ahead. It's a deep dive personally but in that respect if you go down, at least you go down with your guns blazing doing what it is you are certain you should be doing.

16.07.2019 01:33

Absolutely like I said I have lost a lot more but they are my own gambles and I know what I'm doing its all good but to basically rob someone is just wrong. I watched wolf of wall Street and like everyone else loved it but think about how many lives that cock sucker ruined really ruined and he sits on panels telling us how cryptocurrency is a scam lol makes me sick

16.07.2019 01:36

Absolutely I couldn't agree more. That is going to be iconic for the times when people realize how so much was sucked out of the rural areas of here in the US and handed off to vultures like that. Why? Because they are from a big city highly connected and because of that they are smarter and better than you. I beg to differ, lol, I beg to completely differ.

16.07.2019 01:40

Can you imagine me or you doing that I would me nicely took up in bed in guantanamo lol this retard is on TV

16.07.2019 01:46

Wow, thanks for sharing this. Your personal story sounds like one hell of an epic post one day.

Your fathers story is heartbreaking, nothing hurts more than seeing an honest, hard working family man scammed like that. I do hope he was able to recover from the setback and make peace with what happened.

A lesson for us all to keep a watch out for our parents, and encourage doing lots of research before taking the plunge in a big way.

I'd love to hear your story one day, no rush. If you do ever write it, tag me so I don't miss it.

Thanks heaps,


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16.07.2019 01:38

Honestly it was when I was younger before marriage before kid about 10 years where everything was going right and I was on a roll used to live in casino's had some awesome wins. I can't explain the buzz of having 15-20k spinning in front of you them 10 seconds wow and then to know your gonna have 100k+ or nothing within 10 seconds lol sounds sick and it is. Gambling is worse than drugs alcohol any addiction as you don't die you just keep killing yourself slowly. I will one day when I have the courage to. Oh and the women don't get me started lmao like I said it honestly don't bother me coz it was me and no one forced me to im just gutted for my old man as I can see it in his eyes

16.07.2019 01:44

Gambling can also sneak up in so many different forms, lots don't even look like gambling. All very dangerous.

16.07.2019 02:42

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16.07.2019 01:41

Our fathers are always precious and no doubt they worked day to night to feed their family. My father also did an awesome job. Now we should support them..

16.07.2019 03:54