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Caster Semenya has been banned from athletes after extensive probing and humiliating her for a very long time. Due to the fact she doesn't have female organs and a high level of testosterone.
This is through no fault of her own she has a genetic disorder so at no point has she cheated the system.
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'Fallon Fox is an American retired MMA fighter. She is the first openly transgender athlete in MMA history'
Openly once people started asking questions about who this was that was knocking women out for fun.
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'Laurel Hubbard born Gavin Hubbard won two gold medals and a silver in the three heavyweight categories, for women weighing more than 87 kilograms, or 192 pounds, finishing first in the snatch-lift and combined categories and second in the clean-and-jerk'


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This is bs. I hear Joe Rogan talking about this situation often on his podcast. This girl was born this way, she’s not trying to have the drs make her any different like some people do.

I think of its natural it’s allowed. If there is something being done to make somebody something that they are not, then that’s just not fair.

19.07.2019 02:35

Crazy thing is if she started today and said I 'identify' as a women they would be supporting her like mad. If only this thinking was around 20 years ago right now you would be talking to a women world champion in something lol

19.07.2019 11:46

You Got a 100.0% Upvote From SteemBeem

19.07.2019 03:24

Damn this is unfair. Should she be blame for her disorder

19.07.2019 07:28

Hell no she is what and how nature created her can't be blamed

19.07.2019 11:48