What makes a good tribe?

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Tribes have been and are being created all over the place
How are these tribes going to hold up?
As an investor in multiple tribes that's what i want to know. As if they are going south its best to get out or alternatively be a whale in a swamp and no one wants to see that.
After reading a post by @steem.leo about the burning process this gives me huge encouragement that this could be a sustainable and ultimately profitable platform.
@Mediaofficials are paying posts out in 3 days and also have a lot of partnerships in place.
Both of these platforms show me that the creator's are thinking about the longevity of the platform and that can only be a good thing.
The next phase should be to attract new people to these tribes. Which will involve marketing advertising on a grand scale.
First one to take the plunge will surely succeed. Who's brave enough?
This is yet to be seen as spending money to bring in new blood has never been a move any of the platforms have made.
Currently we just have the same people bouncing around the different tribes. I do myself. There has to come a point when new money comes in.
There are other tribes which have been set up for the sole purpose of the creator making money. Creating a tribe selling as many of the tokens as possible and thats about it. If you sell few million tokens for a penny each it not bad business. These tokens wont be worth much if anything in months to come.
Some tribes are dishing out tokens like there is no tomorrow. Way too much supply, little or no demand, they wont last.
So it is refreshing to see few of the tribes at least trying different things and long my it continue.

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