Whale mission 5 days later

download (3).png

Current power 1510
Target 5000
Remaining 3490

After 5 days target is looking achievable within a shorter time frame.
Not much from curating, most has come from orders that have been filled and miner payouts. Im hoping to keep putting in small orders and get them filled as much as possible.
Ufm price is still low so good time to buy.
I am considering getting some more miners as the payouts are daily per miner which currently is probably the best miner.

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22.08.2019 00:24

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22.08.2019 01:20

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22.08.2019 02:31

Wishing you many more UFMs! You will reach over 5000 mark soon. Yeah, prices seems to cheap as of now. Take as much advantage of it as you can.

22.08.2019 08:12

Yeah defo cheap at the moment.

22.08.2019 12:06