Upfundme Dilemma

The platform seems to be taking shape which is a good thing.
So whats the best way to have an influence?
Power Obviously
Whats the best way to gain that?
Thats the dilemma.
I was hell bent to get myself a whale package of 5000 for 100 steem, which seems a good deal.
I managed to get some steem to do that but then decided against it.
Currently if i was to sell 5000 i would get around 150 with current buy orders which is a 50% gain which is really good.
I would have to down power for few weeks and i dont think the price will be what it is now.
I think we will have a small dip as people just using the tag will sell up as they always do. Then the price should stabilise and pump back up (just my opinion) happened on every other tribe. Thats why i have put in buy orders to buy up cheap Ufm, then i can power it up myself
So what a better option?
UFMM i have a couple and think i will try accumulating more as the supply is low and currently they are producing 2 Ufm per miner which is awesome as opposed to the other lottery miners.
This will change but currently i feel its a no brainer for me.
I have put in buy orders for some tokens too and think i will get to the 5000 power level within a week or so which is cool.
The tribe is currently allowing most subjects to allow for some exposure, which is fine.
The sooner we get away from that and start using the tribe for its actual purpose the better.
It will be awesome to be able to help people with there objectives, missions call it what you want.
Ultimately i am in this to help people and get help when or if required

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14.08.2019 17:21