Upfund.me launches

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The tribe is finally up and running which is awesome news.
Looking to buy some ufm but stook with deposits at the min so hopefully the whale packages will still be available
Hopefully this will be properly maintained and obscure material will stay away.
Already seen actifit etc on here and as stipulated in a previous post these are not to be posted, so hope the admin get onto of it before it gets out of hand.
Im hoping this is primarily a crowd funding tribe.
Hoping to het together some info on something been thinking about for a while.
So will get on it and see what response we get

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it's open to all tags right now to promote the site and currency

10.08.2019 04:45

It's open to all
Tags right now to promote the
Site and currency

                 - bwar.ufm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

10.08.2019 04:45

I understand why it's open to all tags but also feel it's a bad idea as people will claim token then dump them. Just my opinion

10.08.2019 04:47

Maybe, if there is sufficient content available for curation relevant to crowd funding only, rules may change in future. But there should be some minimum level of content availability to make the tribe functional at this moment.

10.08.2019 05:32

Yes, it's open for general content but not all tags actually! Certain tags like actifit, steemhunt, dlike etc. are under exclusion. Check the launch post or scot settings for more detail.

10.08.2019 05:29

Yeah thats what i read but then i have seen actifit posts. But the guys explained everything is alright just to get people on the tribe then will disappear later

10.08.2019 05:32

AFAIK, the SCOT settings were modified recently for tag exclusions. So posts made before that will be visible until they are paid out. But you won't see any new posts from those tags anymore.

10.08.2019 05:42

Oh OK that's good to know ty

10.08.2019 05:43

Whoops I missed this little bit of information!

11.08.2019 02:40

You got a 35.29% upvote from @joeparys! Thank you for your support of our services. To continue your support, please follow and delegate Steem power to @joeparys for daily steem and steem dollar payouts!

10.08.2019 04:50

I think we have taken care of tags like actifit for future posts, but the settings do not backdate.

Including the social layer on top of our crowdfunding core allows our regular users to post original content and gain UFM. This UFM can then be powered up and used to fund projects and crowdfunds.

When someone posts a new crowdfund, we will usually wait and see how the community takes it first. If the community supports the project or idea we then apply our vote to bring the post to trending. We may also burn UFM to bring the post over to the promoted section.

Once things balance out and get going, crowdfunding and charity posts should dominate the trending section, while the general social layer should take up a smaller proportion of rewards.

Allowing general content brings in more regular users, more regular users means more votes potentially applied to real projects, crowdfunds and charity posts.

10.08.2019 04:55

Yeah cool. Just from experience from previous tribes people are just there for a quick raise and dump tokens and the price plumets. I understand what you mean and hopefully people power up and the platform is a success. Will leave it in your capable hands 👍

10.08.2019 05:10

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10.08.2019 05:02