Any idea where the team has gone?
I staked 1000+ UFM not had the stake bonus
Recieved 1 payout from the miner yesterday from a new account but nothing for the previous days
The main account has not posted anything for a week
If anyone can let us know whats going on would be much apreciated
Thank you

upfundme #ufm

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Dont worry, I am not officially part of the team but am a long standing member - upfundme is just fine, if you are missing mining rewards they will be shortly rectified.

in fact check your wallet, it has been paid.

29.08.2019 07:50

Not worried. Just interested to see what is going on thats all, but thank you for the reply just give them a nudge and wake the rest of em up lol

29.08.2019 12:45