Realityhubs allows people to express there views on products etc
So lets review tribes
They are products which people are using to make money
Sounds good so faršŸ‘
Problem is they are so easy and cheap to set up every man and his dog are doing it
Simply to make money ofcourse
None of them are sustainable besides a couple
You can decide which ones are and which ones are not.
So i create a tribe with x amount of tokens lets say 1b for some reason people feel thats an nice amount with zero logic behind it other than the more we can the better for our pockets.
Lets say they sell just 1 million at 0.01c thats a cool $10000 for f all let's say we do some basic advertising on steemit and use a voting bot and invest 200 steem around Ā£50
We now sell 10m if my maths are not wrong thats a 100k then we sell up the steem and chill hense why the price of steem is dog shit
So now we have f#$&@d people out of there money as when they have staked there power they have a 13 week payout so they are screwed and in 13 weeks the token will be worth shit if someone offers you a bag of shit else nothing
Dont worry your a whale though
So in conclusion to my review wtf are you people on

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Tribes is like altcoins' bullrun. We will fall hard.

23.07.2019 16:00

Some people are gonna lose alot of money because some people are making a lot of money. Creator's knows exactly what they are doing I predict 3-4 of the ones that are live will be here end of the year max by then we will have loads more. Business wise makes a lot of sense but as a eco system steem this is going to be very bad long term

23.07.2019 16:04

Okay. Sounds familiar to steemhunt. Lets see what this website brings any change.

23.07.2019 16:50

Hey @qam2112 I love your perspective on the new tribe on steem engine. You are realy thinking like a pro. Smiles. Let me join you in the analysis.

Problem is they are so easy and cheap to set up every man and his dog are doing it
If it's that easy, you can also create one for yourself. No one will hold you back. Alternatively, you can raise an alarm to those monitoring the affairs of steem engine.

I love your calculations a lot, if that's how it easily works , everyone would be a PO.

It's easier said than done.

BTW, Tribe is a product and it can be reviewed. You can check this post to see the review on steemhunt. Realityhubs is also a home for such and we are all glad that it came into existence.

23.07.2019 17:17

So you honestly believe you couldn't do one within a few days? Cost 100 eng tokens? Some for advertising? Whats your budget we can have one running by the end of the week. Why wouldn't I do one? Simply because I think it's wrong to rob people. Essentially that's what they are doing. Everyone is a po look at the tribes coming up people have less followers than you and they have a tribe if you created one you would kill it

23.07.2019 17:34

OH! Now I understand you knew nothing about the creation of Tribe on steem engine. That 100 eng token is just a peripheral. Going deep into it you would realize butter is not for Monkies. The nitrous, scotbot, and so on cost nothing less than 4000 eng tokens. That's the lowest you will spend to create a platform.

23.07.2019 18:51

Apologies so a huge $1000 investment yeah probably have to remortgage a house or 2 defo out of the realms of doing it then yep no one can only the elite governments with a grand to burn

23.07.2019 19:35

There is a tribe on here the creator had 300 followers at the time his promo was a youtube video with 3 views 1 was me barley can put 3 words together gave votes out to his friends the rest of the people had to buy in he makes 50k a post on his own tribe and the token is already tanking coz it's pointless. If I was to make a tribe number one objective would to have outside money coming in for advertising etc. What have these tribes gave us so far a burn post and a bot where you can use up tokens and you don't even get a vote back in the token it's in steem lol absolutely pointless

23.07.2019 17:40

Have a look at sportstalk token you think that will go back up to a reasonable price? The only way that could is if the creator's bought loads back and burnt them do you think they will? They have the money to since they sold a hell of a lot originally. The tribes is a cool concept but has been so misused and abused it's untrue

23.07.2019 17:45