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Realityhubs allows people to express there views on products etc
So lets review tribes
They are products which people are using to make money
Sounds good so faršŸ‘
Problem is they are so easy and cheap to set up every man and his dog are doing it
Simply to make money ofcourse
None of them are sustainable besides a couple
You can decide which ones are and which ones are not.
So i create a tribe with x amount of tokens lets say 1b for some reason people feel thats an nice amount with zero logic behind it other than the more we can the better for our pockets.
Lets say they sell just 1 million at 0.01c thats a cool $10000 for f all let's say we do some basic advertising on steemit and use a voting bot and invest 200 steem around Ā£50
We now sell 10m if my maths are not wrong thats a 100k then we sell up the steem and chill hense why the price of steem is dog shit
So now we have f#$&@d people out of there money as when they have staked there power they have a 13 week payout so they are screwed and in 13 weeks the token will be worth shit if someone offers you a bag of shit else nothing
Dont worry your a whale though
So in conclusion to my review wtf are you people on

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