New platform new opportunity

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Woke up to find some MOT tokens in my wallet had a look at what they were and decided to stake them and buy some more
Have tried posting but wont allow me to write must be a reason behind that but unsure will investigate
The platform looks good and there is a 3 day payout as far as a can tell which could be the one thing that makes this platform stand out if nothing else.
So im planning on buying some more tokens and staking them
What does everyone think?

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Hi @qam2112, as an existing MAPX token stakeholder, you just received an upvote and this quick note about some free tokens for you.

We are giving away 5 ONECENT tokens to each of our stakeholder.

To claim them, please go to this post and leave a comment. That's it!

Many Thanks from MAPX!

12.07.2019 09:56

Best to ask in their Discord server, but can post on any steem platform and use the #mediaofficials tag plus whichever topic-tag you need, eg #money-mo.

12.07.2019 10:01

Yeah thank you still getting used to it but so far 👍👍👍

13.07.2019 00:17

Right now there is a huge fluctuation in tokens earned. Because of the lack of users and stakeholders so right now is actually one of the best times to buy and power up then get coins why it still new.

This is what people in steem did, there were so little users splitting the pool and how the curve was setup. On mediaofficials posts are paid out every 3 days. And power down time is about the same. So the risk of being powered up is very small.

The link below shows how many staked accounts and how much each is staking. You can expect the amount paid out to each user will go down sooner or later but right now is a prime time to snatch up coins. Many of us are just powering up and getting more.

This is not meant to be financial advice and the market can move anyway. But its almost logical to get into these coins pretty early. Though mediaofficial is the only site to announce many services are coming. With a partnership with and more.

But maybe it's best to just post and earn for most people. But generally, the gains come from early investors who stake and upvote content. And with a 50/50 split its even better.

12.07.2019 13:33

Totally agree i feel mot really be massive for the simple 3 day payout its a no brainer for me. I bought and extra 100 before i even looked into the platform i had 1000 pressed and then deleted a zero gutted hour later price was 10x lol defo gonna buy some more and power up for a while and see where it takes me and where the platform goes could be huge fingers crossed

13.07.2019 00:16