Never enough power

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My first tribe was weedcash started off with 10 weed slowly bought and curated, saw people with 1000 weed power and thought that will be awesome didnt take me long to get there.
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Once i got there realised my vote was still worth shit as the people that were on 1000 were now on 10k+
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Pointless trying to get to there as once i get there my vote will still be useless as the others will be way ahead
So basically invest early and keep ahead or level with the frontrunners.
If im not in super early i dont bother

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Yeah. Basically, if you wanna be a big influence you have to dole out some cash.

Not always the case, but usually.

02.08.2019 03:50

Yeah defo. In the case of tribes not so much money required but to be big on steemit you need to take out a mortgage lol

02.08.2019 03:57

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