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Mining vs Curating

Is it worth it?
Mining as i understand is basically a lottery which you have a chance of winning every hour.
So if I have 1 miner out of 5000 i have 1 in 5000 chance of getting lucky.
You are solely replying on luck and the odds are stacked against you
Curating on the other hand requires you purchasing power and then staking it. With the power down of a lengthy period. Curating is an art and from personal experience it is more beneficial for me
So both have negatives, so one needs to decide which avenue to pursue
As part of the #spinvest project options are being discussed as to which road to go down
@spinvest is considering buying miners i personally would advice to give out votes to token holders to make the token more attractive. I understand the project is a long term investment and not a get rich quick scheme. But if the stake holders can generate some extra tokens through upvotes im sure noone will complain and may also bring a few more people in as they now have an extra income stream or should i say steem eh eh never mind my genius is wasted here
Anyway back to voting. Voting can be done as a lottery issue x amount of votes a day and dependent on the amount of SPI tokens you hold ie more tokens more chance you have of getting a vote. This should in theory encourage people to buy more tokens "in theory"
If anyone is unaware of the project and the token check it out @spinvest

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