Lets see how many downvotes i attract

Since 'new' steem came around its led to a decrease in bid bots - great.
So rather than buying votes you create your own clicks and jerk each other off.
You can power up and vote for yourselves as long as you downvote something for no reason as thats the 'new' steem way.
This is one of the best examples of shit standards i have seen.Screenshot_2020-02-04-14-26-05.png
Its classy coz there is an apology before voting it themselves.
Now lets look at some of the great curators promoting this excellent post
Excellent job by everyone voting.
But having said that its an innocent error which has not happened before or will happen again
My bad happened twice in a week of well shit happens.
But zero downvotes?
Where's all the social justice pricks at?
Lets see if i can attract em 👍

I predict I get more downvotes than those 2 posts combined
Thats why we love steem

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04.02.2020 14:57

Why would you think that you will attract downvotes with that post @qam2112?

Reward pool is very little, so I dont think so called 'whales' would care


06.02.2020 12:55

Well I got 1 lol which is one more than that post lol

07.02.2020 04:51

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07.02.2020 14:52

Hi @qam2112

It seem that your post didn't attract any downvotes at all lol :)

19.02.2020 10:52