Keep on staking

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My mission was to get to 5000 ufm power which i achieved last week.
Had some orders pending and they came through so managed to get another 5000
Up to 10k
Why stop there?
No real reason to stop might aswell carry on and see how much i can get.
The platform is still in its infancy as it is not really being used for its true purpose.
Its probably a good time to buy some and power up for me right now
Staked with the contest in place for sbi shares for every 250 staked.
Thats 20 shares lol
Alternatively i dont mind getting some more ufm given. Either way im cool.
Keep on stacking!!!

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Enjoy some more !UFM 10 :)

13.09.2019 18:57

Thank you

13.09.2019 22:13