Is it worth mining steem tokens?

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I have bought a few miners from steem engine. LeoMM,LeoM, SCTM the exact quantities vary but i have a few of each.
All the prices vary.
I have managed to pick up a few, have no idea if they will be profitable first target is just to get my investment back. Hopefully it wont be too long and the price of the miners does not dump or they bring out a new miner.
It is a risk but if it works out could be nice in a few months time.
I have around 1000 weedcash power and i feel i get more from curation then i would if had bought the miners but i have no way of knowing unless someone has bought the weedcash miners we could compare. So if anyone has feel free to drop me a comment below

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i think things are going good in crypto industry. however, the value of steem is hitting us much for long time. hope is there anyways

08.07.2019 20:24

Yeah im defo looking at it long term steem has been around long enough and is established others are about but steem is still ahead and will remain so in my opinion

08.07.2019 20:39

ah but ask yourself This.. is LiFE WoRTh IT!??? HM!?? Ive nothing to contribute here really, i just passing through, ignore me.

08.07.2019 20:40

Thanks for those words of wisdom lol

08.07.2019 20:42

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08.07.2019 21:20