Is helping people rewarding?

Lil story
Was once in a petrol station and a guy was in a new red ferrari we were both filling up and i said nice car
He said 'this might sound weird but would you have £20" i didnt ask him why, looked in my pocket had money gave him the £20.
He said "leave me your number and will give you it back"
I gave him my number
Next day got a message saying send me your bank details
I asked him why he needed the money
He replied "as i was filling up i realised i only had £20 and had left my wallet at home and had just put in £40 in the car and you saved me from embarrassment as there was a big que of people inside all looking at me and my car
So i replied back saying no problem forget the £20
He insisted i send him my bank details
At the time me and my brothers were building a school for a village near where my parents were born in Pakistan
So i said this is what we are doing send the money to the charity account
Sent him the account details
2 hours later £2000 was in the account which was almost what we needed to finish the project.
He is now a friend and still donates to that and other projects we do
I believe in fate i believe in destiny and every good deed.... not sure how the rest of that goes lol
People are awesome "sometimes"

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