Finally getting orders filled

I have had orders pending for some BPC had a tiny amount bought so i have staked.
Off to go place some more orders and see if i can rack up a decent amount of power.
I will mostly be curating on so i think its best to have a decent amount of power to make it worth while for me as the curator and for the authors too.
Hope everyone sticks to the no spam guidelines and it is monitored correctly and fairly.
Its a new tribe so i always buy and stake hoping it's the next big thing.
Will it be?
No reason why not. Every tribe has a chance to be the one as majority are run with no real clear vision. The new ones coming along seem to be learning from the previous ones and running things better.
Some of the original tribes(which are only few months old) are already struggling and some are on life support.
Hope this one works out and good luck to everyone involved

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