Just like you upvote you can downvote
I have been on steemit for over a year and have never downvoted
I leave each to there own, i personally dont downvote.
Today i have downvoted my first post by #kryptogamers why?
Simply because the site is rigged and i know when im getting screwed over.
I gamble on everything. Winning ans losing is part of gambling and sports betting. If you think you will win all the time, not gonna happen.
The few times that me and my brother have played we have been the top 10 and he has been 1st on the daily list 3 out of 6 times he has played. Me on the other hand a little less but still been in top 10 numberous times.
Additional to that a few times i have had a bet stuck they have taken by steem and not refunded. After leaving a comment on there post and not received a reply. On the current post made the same point and they said you have to go to discord which i have no account for and have no interest to as im on the steem blockchain and playing with steem on the steem blockchain so they should sort that out i shouldn't have to go elsewhere.
As far as there 'games' go they are rigged and the rukes are not even correct
On occasions they let you take a card when they have an ace other times they dont which doesnt even make sense
4/5/6 are the worse cards for the dealer. The odds are in your favour that the dealer will bust not on this site oh no.
All my doubles have lost and have been hit with 18 blackjacks compared to the 3 or so i have hit.
Generally in blackjack you win around 50/50 if you play consistently with the same method.
In a casino blackjack has better odds of winning compared to roulette, craps, 3 card poker etc
In a good session you may win around 60-70% losing around 30-40%
In a bad session you may win around 60-70% lose around 30-40%
This can obviously vary session to session. It is unreasonable to think you will win all the time as its impossible.
I have been gambling for as long as know and i know when im being shafted
They will obviously throw out the same old bullshit about its 'provably' fair.
They pay dividends on profits every single day, is it not possible they have a losing day.
How is it possible that none of the 'provably' fair shit sites have gone bust.
Casinos go bust coz they have a few mad days or some millionaire comes along and wipes them out.
These guys only have a value of a few thousand steem, more than i have but fuk all in the grand scale of things
Remember online poker is legit cant be rigged or scammed
Remember when there was no match fixing in cricket
Remember when there was no match fixing in snooker
There is rigging in sports and gaming since the beginning. Whenever money is involved people will find a way to screw you over.
This is just to warn people to be careful with these shit sites

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thanks for the tip. I generally distrust general betting sites of this type. and you are giving me further proof of how often they are just scam

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15.07.2019 17:59

You will obviously get people at 0.1 steem over and over again to claim some shit token saying it's not a scam but I'm bot interested in the token which is worth nothing I play to win steem and there you can't. Everyday they are in profit which says something

15.07.2019 18:09

That's probably fair and probably ....

We see what the most trusted and popular dice game did - Magic Dice. Show the real magic and disappear!

When you play games like dice game, you are going to lose, that's for sure if you continue playing. You can win, but that's temporary. Eventually, you are going to lose.

15.07.2019 18:08

Exactly. How is it possible to roll a dice 50/50 over 50 and lose 20 times in a row? 3 days in a row lol The probability is so low that it's just funny. Blockchain is not the problem it's the scammer shit heads running on it that is.

15.07.2019 18:11

Downvoted for posting off topic.

15.07.2019 18:16

Technically was financial advise to not get your pants pulled down from scam sites but thank you anyway

15.07.2019 18:18

Unless you have definitive proff that they are scammers, you should not be calling them that. Losing a few hands in blackjack doesn't mean anything. I can understand you're mad. My advice is don't gamble if you cannot handle losing.

15.07.2019 21:46

I have lost 16 out of the last 17 sessions only a few hundred steem that dont bother me. But I know when im getting scammed. I have lost a lot in my life never complain trust me I can afford to but don't like being scammed. I ain't no programmer to prove it I'm sure they can't disprove it either. Are you invested in them? Your the only one saying something, they ain't which says alot.

15.07.2019 22:20

I don't have proof they are scammers and nor do you, you just think they are because of poor luck. I said your post has nothing to do with investing unless you are trying to manipulate the price of their token. You are welcome to go to steem-engine to look into my wallet, it's public information.

So what, they don't allow the option to surrender when the dealer has an ace, it's their game, they can do as they please, doesn't mean it's rigged. Not refunding bets that didn't register is shady, I believe their latest post says they corrected the problem. If you've played enough blackjack you will realise that the house wins more often than you do, anything can happen and the dealer getting a 6 on a hit happens more than 7% of the time.

15.07.2019 22:48

I'm not arguing with you over something neither of us are invested in. I sell that shit token everytime I get it. To manipulate the price will be hard as its worth f all lol Everyone that plays on there talks about how much they have lost my amount is nothing compared to there's now they are all haggling over dividends blah blah it's a lost cause and is what it is. We obviously disagree but I have no issue with that it's cool everyone is entitled to there opinion 👍

15.07.2019 23:05

i too never downvoted ever someone even when they downvoted me just because it will turn into a flag wars usually poeple don't understand and try to put you down in the worst cases you took a great step forward today hopefully i will be able to use this thing as well for the better

16.07.2019 20:23

Way I see it if I get in to a flag war I just power down my account and set another one up in ten mins lol Everyone else has more to power down and more rep so harder for them. People should do as they feel not be told to do this and that

16.07.2019 20:26

is that another frontend on the steem blockchain ?

17.07.2019 15:49

It's a game on steem blockchain gamers is the token on steemengine they have a link there which takes you to the site.

17.07.2019 15:52