Cavaliers waive JR Smith

After a colorful career with the cavaliers they have finally departed company.
He helped bring a Championship to Cleveland but will most likely be remembered for the gaffe he made against the Golden State warriors but lets not remind him about that
On his day is a sharpshooter from the 3 point line and still has something to give to an Nba team
Who will take a chance on him?
Lakers need shooters and he can give them a few minutes and possibly make a difference
He is LeBrons boy so is possible and im sure LeBron has forgiven him 😅😂

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When I saw this headline the first thing I thought was LAKERS!

17.07.2019 04:24

LeBron needs shooters around him I would defo take a shot on him

17.07.2019 10:39

for them its like time to move on from here anyways thanks for sharing this update

17.07.2019 15:57