Another day another tribe

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I am part of or invested in almost every tribe and token on steem engine(which is a lot) so would be rude not to try this one out too.
Few poeple that i follow have mentioned it so decided to have a look.
After reading the intro post looks like this is well thought out and they know what they are doing.
So hrab myself some miners and some tokens and got them staked.
So time to buckle up and see where this journey takes us
Good luck to everyone involved and my it bring everyone success

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I reckon this one has been set up right. Keen to see where it goes.

17.08.2019 03:06

Yeah agree. After reading the intro does seem like they have a plan. If people just learn from previous mistakes we will have better tribes coming up possibly this one could be a start. Fingers crossed

17.08.2019 04:02

Looks like this tribe is more organized. They have a plan to do everything in an organized way.

17.08.2019 05:19

That's the exciting bit a plan unlike some that have come before and are struggling badly now

17.08.2019 12:59

I like the theme of this tribe!

I can't wait to write the next post and use the #lifestyle tag.

I share with you some !trdo :)

17.08.2019 06:52

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17.08.2019 06:52

Me too and thank you very much for sharing

17.08.2019 12:57

seems interesting to me, defeinetely going to check it out!

17.08.2019 09:13

Just having a look around myself look good so far

17.08.2019 12:59