100 not out spinvest

I have managed to get to my target of 100 Spi by the end of the month with over a week to spare
images (6).jpeg
Yes Frank they are all for me get your own
What is Spi check out @spinvest
So does this mean i am happy and going to stop buying did Frank?
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No he didnt he took the derby job and ended up with the Chelsea job
images (8).jpeg
So following in Franks footsteps my target is to buy more and keep buying till i cant buy no more
Happy frank?
images (10).jpeg
Thought so
Frank aint got a clue what im on about

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Yes you can do it

20.07.2019 16:44

You Got a 100.0% Upvote From SteemBeem

20.07.2019 17:09

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20.07.2019 17:13

You Need Print For Your T-Shirt

21.07.2019 01:35

Great start buddy, what's the next target? 😎

22.07.2019 20:18

I'm hoping to be 200 by end of next month. Also before the end of stage 1 just with everything else going on trying to diversify plus this is a long haul others might be a quick move

22.07.2019 21:16