Surfing: The growing trend of a new sport on the beaches of Karachi

If you've been to the beaches on the outskirts of Karachi, have you ever caught sight of people waving to the waves in the high seas?

If your answer is yes, then these people are actually enjoying the popular game 'Surfing' around the world.

As calm as it may seem to watch this game, it is just as difficult to perform in practice. Watching this game makes any unknown person wonder how the surfers can maintain their balance on the board.

However, the question must also come to your mind is how did the surfing sport reach the waters of Karachi?

Before writing about the growing trend of surfing in Karachi, it is important to explain how surfing is done in the end.

Surfing is a game in which you can step on a surfboard, or jump on the waves.

You must master swimming in this game without any risk. The reason for this is that you often fall into the water while surfing, and you may even get off the board.

When surfing, the first thing to do is to lay down on a surf board and take the boat out of the boat, and run your hands like a paddle and enter deep water.

Then the surfer, like a hunter, sits in the grip of a big wave and waits for the float to float on the water.

As soon as a wave arrives, it immediately changes its direction in which the wave is on its back and it seems as if it is trying to escape the wave.

In a blink, he jumps and puts the board under his feet and then the same wave is under his feet.

From here the battle for the surf and the wave begins. Gliding with the help of your board on the wave requires special skills.

Until the tide is smooth the surfer continues its journey along its shores. The main prerequisite is to maintain the balance of the surfers throughout this phase.

Surfing is usually done for fun. However, surfing is common in the Western world and surfing has now been included in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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