Master Plan to Earn 500 US$ every month from STEEM ZZANG (Step by Step)

Hello guys!
I am going to explain how you can earn 500 US$ every month from STEEM ZZANG.


If you have steemit account you can login your steem zzang account via steem connect. Now build your profile on


Watch the posts in Trending and Hot tabs. Here you can see the trending and hot posts. Most of the post are nicely composed and full of good content. You need to understand and follow these good practice.

Step 3.

Follow the community leaders and upvote their good posts to build a good community relationship.

Step 4

Write a good content for your first post. It can be post to introduce your self, your travel trip, your hobby or any kind of your interest. Be sure to use good content or images to attract community.

Step 5

Read your favorite posts and get involved by commenting or replying.

Follow these five steps and you will get tons of appreciation from the community members. They will give you upvotes and you can build your profile and cash them out.

Thank You!

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