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1-What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution primarily based totally on Debian and composed often of unfastened and open-supply software. Ubuntu is formally launched in 3 variants:




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  • Ubuntu:-

    Then comes ubuntu, which is a free-to-use operating system, and also it is the most popular Linux distribution out there in the world. In this lecture, I will limit myself to ubuntu and particularly the 20.04.02 version because it is for long-term use and it is far better than the Windows operating system.

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Linux Windows
Types of Users in Linux Types of Users in Windows
Regular Administrator
Administrative(root) Standard
Service Child


92% of the globe species are using Windows software whereas the remaining solely 08% of computer users use Linux software. No matter the user interface several users notice it tough to use Linux as compared to windows clearly to the program line interface. Therefore the demand for Linux is hugely restricted to common people. Additionally, for the contract with Microsoft, varied computer vendors are entitled to use the Windows operating system with their computers. Because of this Windows gained Initial market quality over Linux. Several PC vendors like Del and H.P. began to offer Linux as a pre-installed software to chop the value of their computer system.



Ubuntu Upgrade Command:

Here I will show you how to upgrade ubuntu using terminal and the command is as follows:

sudo apt-get upgrade

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  • First step is to open the terminal. It is located in all apps but the shortcut key is {ctrl+alt+t}.
  • Then It will ask for the password, here you can see my PC's name is Qais so it is asking me for a password for qais.
  • You have to write your password.
  • Press enter after you have written your password.
  • After that, it will start running your command.

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  • You can see above that how the terminal runs the command.
  • At first the terminal will read the packages list, then state information.
  • Then it will calculate the upgrade.
  • Then it will check the packages that are already installed, it will use the following command to remove them automatically.

    {sudo apt autoremove}

  • Then the packages that were already installed will be removed.
  • After the removal of these packages, the terminal will ask if you want to continue the upgrade or not, by asking [y/n].

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  • After that it will start upgrading the server the process may take 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Just wait for it to complete.
  • For your information now the terminal is extracting templates from packages.
  • Once all the templates have been extracted, the terminal will start pre-configuring packages in which it will read the database.
  • Then it will set up base files.
  • Then install the new version of config files.

After several minutes of unpacking and compiling the process will end upgrading all the software including the whole server. In the end, it will check the desktop features, as I am living in Pakistan soo it has set the time of {Asia/Karachi}.



So that was the first lecture about Linux operating system, ubuntu in particular. And that is how we upgrade the ubuntu server using terminal and terminal commands. Hope to see you in the next lecture, If anyone has any questions regarding this lecture he/she can ask anything in the comments.


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